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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

NPR Book Concierge 2019 Released and It Is Even Better Than Ever

This is my favorite best list of the year-- NPR's Book Concierge. Why? Because not only do they make sure to get a wide representation of books from a variety of formats, reading levels, and genres, but they also allow the person using the list to customize their choices. It is a patron focused, interactive best list like no other.

Filters can be applied and removed at will to find a great choice for any reader. And the filter choices include genre and appeal options. 

But this year, it is even better because the access to all 7 years of the Book Concierge are easily accessible and searchable. Meaning you have access to over 2000 "best" titles. 

Besides using this resource to help readers find the best "best" book for them, you can also use this enhanced resource to create dynamic displays. How? Well, you can apply the same filters across multiple years. For example, I clicked the "Eye-Opening Reads" filter and got a great list of 2019 titles in fiction, nonfiction and for all age levels. Then I clicked the 2018 tab at the top and immediately saw the "Eye-Opening Reads" from that year. Click on 2017 and repeat down the line. 

You now have a title for your display-- "Eye-Opening Reads" and a huge collection of varied and inclusive titles to fill it. You can do this over and over again all year long by employing different filters. You will never run out of display ideas or titles to fill them with if you use this resource. You can also pick multiple filters for smaller, more targeted displays. 

Okay enough from me. Stop reading this and just go use it. Today, tomorrow, and 5 months from now. With the backlist options you have no excuse not to help even the pickiest of patrons. And again, not just during this "best" season, but all the year through.

NPR's Favorite Books Of 2019: The Book Concierge Is Back With 350+ Great Reads

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