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Monday, February 3, 2020

February is Women in Horror Month

February is the 11th annual Women in Horror Month. Many people are doing things every day, all month long to celebrate. Below are two events that I think will help you to highlight female authors of horror and learn about tittles to add to your collections. In fact, it is the best time of year to learn more about trends and authors of note since so many horror resources are focusing on women writers.

The first is from the Ladies of Horror Fiction, a resource that works all year long to highlight women in horror. While they have special programming planned for the entire month here, they have many resources for you that they have been creating regularly here.

The LoHF also put an emphasis on EDI  making sure to be inclusive in their selections. They are committed to not only highlighting white, straight ladies. They gather the best of women writing horror from all walks of life and across the globe. Reviews, author profiles, special topic articles [a recent focus on horror in translation is a great example], new releases, a podcast, and a blog. Always turn to the Ladies of Horror Fiction, but in February especially.

The second is a guest post blog-a-thon in which I am participating over on Dead Head Reviews. Dead Head Reviews is a collaborative effort of horror bloggers, reviewers, BookTubers, and authors who work together to create useful horror fiction content. Click here to see everything they create.

But specifically, they reached out to many women in the horror community, myself included, asking us to share something for their month long spotlight. I will post my piece when it runs, but what I really liked about this project is that they asked the contributors to pitch what we wanted to write about, and they asked a wide variety of people in the horror community to share their knowledge. I am excited to see everyone's posts.

Here is the awesome poster that was created to promote it too:

Over the course of the month I will be on the horror blog making sure you know about the most useful information that comes out of the month.

But for now, use the links I have provided today, especially the Ladies of Horror Fiction to get up a display for the month. All you need is a quick sign that says February is Women in Horror Month and put up a few titles at a time, making sure to add more as they get checked out.

Don't have enough horror by women  to fill demand? Well then, buy some more. Trust me, there are plenty of titles here on my blog and at the Ladies of Horror Fiction which are perfect for all library collections. In fact, my piece for Dead Head Reviews is all about how some of the best horror right now is being written by women.

But also, I think that you will be surprised by the number of women in horror you do own when you sit down with the resources.

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