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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Writers to Watch via PW and General Comments and Ideas Around "Debuts"

I am a big fan of debut authors. I love reading books by new voices almost as much as I love a new title by my favorites. I love debuts so much I am the jury chair for "First Novel" for a major award [and have been chair or on the jury for many years]. 

This week PW published  "Writers to Watch Spring 2021." Click here or on the image below to read about these authors and their upcoming titles. They seem great and I am already planning on which to request.

Consider adding them to your collections, yes, but also consider making a display [in person and/or online] of debuts. Both new voices as one display, but another fun idea I always enjoy, is making lists and displays of super famous author's first novels. 

Take your most popular authors and make a display of their first books. Even James Patterson's first book is a gem-- he won the Edgar for best first novel for that one.

Start with some of the authors who appeared on all the best lists. [Here's a link to LJ's Best Books 2020 portal to get you started.] I have done this before and patrons love it. It's like you unburied a treasure for them.

I have also had great luck using debut novels in book club, especially if the author is super popular now and their debut was more than 5 years ago. The chance that most participants have read something by a popular author is high and their previous experience with that writer, enhances the discussion.

So let's start with the up and comers of 2021, but while we wait for those books, let's look back on debuts from the past.

Click here or on the image to meet the authors and read about their upcoming books.

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