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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Esquire Magazine Endorses the Public Library

For their November issue, Esquire Magazine did endorsements. On page 32, in the bottom left-hand corner there was a small box by Meryl Rothstein stating that "Esquire Endorses The Public Library." Here is the 1 paragraph they wrote:

"Every book. Every movie. Every album. It's like Borders, Netflix, and iTunes combined-- for free. And it's so easy: You can go online and have the newest stuff sent to your local branch. Why you would leave this complimentary emporium to students and grandmothers is beyond me. Plus, a librarian is like Google that actually find what you're looking for and never clutters your screen with porn."

Couple this with the Boston Public Library Campaign I wrote about here, and it has been a great few weeks for public library PR.

Thank you Esquire and thanks to my husband/Esquire subscriber for showing me this endorsement.

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