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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Student Annotations: Genres of the Emotions

Last night we had the class on genres which appeal mostly to your emotions: Horror, Romance, Women's Lives, and Gentle Reads.

Each genre is all about the mood it creates; they are different moods and emotions to be sure, but mood is the most important here. These are also books that focus on characters and use lots of adjectives.

I love teaching this week for both obvious and subtle reasons. Obviously I like talking about horror to the class, but as an instructor, I love how illustrative this week is. For example, I purposely do horror and gentle reads back-to-back to show how similar they are in terms of "why" people choose to read them. It is when the students learn to make the connections between seemingly diametrically opposed genres that they really learn something. This is why I also save this grouping until later in the semester. They need more experience before they can "get it."

Click on over to the class Word Press blog to see the books they read for this week, and look at what they had to say about them.

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Anna Katterjohn said...

Thanks for sharing your students' annotations! Very helpful

I wonder: Would Thrillers fall into this camp as well? I blogged about this post here: http://lay-ra.blogspot.com/