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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Black Quill Award Nominees

It is almost time for one of my favorite awards of the year...the 3rd Annual Black Quill Awards given by the registered readers and editors of Dark Scribe Magazine for the best in horror, suspense, and thriller books.  As they say at Dark Scribe, it is the best of the books that keep you up at night.

I love these awards because they hit at the appeal of the books; they are not just singled out by their genre. These awards reward writers who invoke fear in their readers, however they do it.  Not all of these books are "horror," in the traditional sense, but they all create a chilling atmosphere and set a dark mood. They are all most compelling for the atmosphere their authors create.

There are eight categories of nominees here.  They are open for voting in December and January with the winners announced on January 31st.

Books that I wrote about on this blog that are nominated in the "Dark Genre Novel of the Year" category are Castaways, The Unseen, and Drood. Use the links to read my opinion on these books.

Also, Robert Dunbar, a great writer and acquaintance of mine, is nominated in the"Best Dark Genre Fiction Collection" category (hint, hint).

Anyone who is a registered reader can vote. I will be. It is free to register, and as a bonus, the online magazine is a pretty good read too.  So click on over and register today.

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