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Friday, January 15, 2010

Introducing...The Browser's Corner

Welcome to a whole new way to provide RA service to patrons in person and on the web at the BPL.  Our "Interim" RA Department Head Kathy has been the brains and the muscle behind our new and already extremely popular Browser's Corner.

The Browser's Corner focuses on "Books People Like at the Berwyn Public Library." It is both a physical corner display of books and pamphlets with reading lists in the library building AND a blog you can access from anywhere.  Here is the official word from our website:
What’s a Browser’s Corner you ask?  It’s where you can find fiction titles recommended by librarians.  You can also find book lists for specific genres like Cozy Mysteries, Suspense Fiction and Historical Romance.   When you are trying to find your next read, visit the Browser’s Corner in the library and discover the “Books People Like at the Berwyn Public Library.”  Or find us online at www.browserscorner.wordpress.com.
Our entire staff has been working very hard to provide "shelf-talkers" on books we have read and really enjoyed.  These "shelf-talkers," are 1 paragraph descriptions articulating the appeal of these books.  All books are face out on the shelves and all descriptions have a "recommended by" tag.  We have also made an effort to hit many different genres and formats.

On the blog, these descriptions also appear and can be searched by genre, appeal, or recommending staff member.  New descriptions are added all of the time.  Kathy is also working on getting our lists up on the blog too.  For now, they are only available in person or by request via email.

We are very excited about this opportunity to combine more traditional building based RA with virtual RA service.  It is the best of both worlds for any and all patrons, be they near or far!

For now, the RA department and one other staff member are working on the content for the Browser's Corner, however, in the future we hope to open it up not only to the entire staff, but also patrons.  But until then, anyone can join the discussion by leaving a comment on any post.

Let us know what you think.  We hope the Browser's Corner can help you find your next good read.

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