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Monday, March 1, 2010

Looking for Your Next Good Read with Nancy Pearl's Help

The most well known librarian in the country is Nancy Pearl. I love that a friendly, helpful, and outgoing librarian is out in front representing us all. Maybe it is because I am this kind of librarian, but Pearl is out there on the web and the radio reminding people that finding your next great read is fun.

Those of you who have never listened to Pearl's regular appearances on NPR, are missing out on some great book suggestions. And, if you are a librarian, you should be listening to hear great examples of book talking. Pearl really gets to the heart of the appeal of the books she discusses; she talks about why readers enjoy them.  Click here for the links to her most recent reports.

For about 10 months now, Pearl has been posting on her blog. I have been following it for awhile and I really feel like she is hitting her stride in this medium. I am still waiting for her to provide better access to tags and links from the blog's main page. Right now, it is more a blog to read and follow in real time and less of a resource. But it is worth reading even if the archiving is only basic.

Anyway, click on over, you will learn quite a bit about how to find your next good read.

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