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Friday, May 7, 2010

Laura Bush Memoir

Like it or not for 8 years the country had Laura Bush as our national example of a librarian.

I will be up front that I was not a Bush supporter, but Laura always intrigued me. She had what seemed like the traditional stand-by-your-man attitude and demeanor, but she was a working mom before George's political career and seemed to genuinely be interested in reading and talking about books. It always annoyed me that she had an empty smile and vacant stare, when I knew there was real substance behind it.

But because of the respect people had for her literary prowess, her new memoir is getting a lot of media attention.

Yesterday, as I was driving home from an ARRT Steering Committee meeting, I heard this interview with Laura Bush on All Things Considered.

No matter their politics, I think people will be interested in hearing what the former first lady has to say about her life. She kept her opinions to herself while living in the blinding spotlight of the White House for 8 years, and now people are literally lining up to read her book. Holds are pretty high, even in Democratic strongholds like Berwyn.

Click on over and listen to the interview or read some reviews of Spoken From the Heart.

Also, I want to remind people of a read alike here. Back while Laura was still the First Lady, Curtis Sittenfeld wrote American Wife, a thinly veiled, fictional memoir of the life of a woman very similar to Laura Bush.  I think a side-by-side reading would be an interesting experience.

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