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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Reading Maps Added

Finals for GSLIS 763 are tonight, and new reading map urls are going up on the class blog as I receive them from students.  I usually direct readers of this blog to the archive to see what students have been working on, but today I was blown away by how many maps we have accumulated over the last 2 years (28 and counting), and feel the need to duplicate the list here. But first, a few comments...

When I started the class blog I was driven by the desire to share the great RA work our students were doing each and every week. Just the wealth of information, readalikes, and searchable appeal terms that are now accessible to anyone through the posting of their weekly annotations is worth the blog's existence. And no, the annotations are not perfect, but they are clearly labeled as being by students, and as a group, they are becoming a valuable RA resource.

However, adding the Reading Map Archive to the blog was for purely selfish reasons. I wanted to make sure I had access to these maps long after the students had moved on. But see for yourself below-- we have 28 great maps as of right this minute and that number will only grow. Each semester more students attempt a reading map as one of their 2 big projects (they have 5 choices).

For the record, our reading map assignment is based on this article by Neal Wyatt in Library Journal (11/2006). Thanks to Neal for leading the way.

So, here is the list, directly copied from the class blog. Click on one and start your virtual journey through a book. Also, use them to help identify readalikes or suggestions for you or your readers:

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