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Monday, June 14, 2010

If You Like Sookie Stackhouse try...


In preparation for the return of True Blood (season 3) on HBO yesterday, and the publication of the newest book in Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series last month, I prepared an extensive Sookie readalike list for the BPL separated out by some of the series' appeal factors. It is only available in the library right now, but I will cross post most of it here. Please excuse some of the formatting errors. I cut and pasted from a publisher document in pieces.

Charlaine Harris has captured the American imagination with her deadly supernatural novels featuring telepathic, Louisiana waitress, Sookie Stackhouse. In a world where vampires have come out of the closet and live among humans, Sookie and her supernatural friends try to keep the peace between the human and supernatural worlds, while finding romance along the way. With ten best-selling books and a hit T.V. show, True Blood, Sookie seems to everywhere these days.

Maybe you like the Sookie stories for the vampires, but  people love the show and the books for other reasons as well. Use the categories listed  to help you find other books you may also enjoy.
If You Like the Vampires try…

King, Stephen.  Salem’s Lot       Call# KIN
Stephen King imagines what would happen if vampires with evil intentions came to live in small town Maine.
Penzler, Otto, ed.  The Vampire Archives        Call# VAM
Otto Penzler has gathered the largest collection of vampire stories ever published. Read one or read them all.
Rice, Anne.  Interview With a Vampire  Call# RIC
Anne Rice changed the vampire novel forever with this novel -  the first vampire novel where vampires went from threatening villains to the romantic lead.
Sands, Lynsay.  The Argeneau Series  Call# SAN
Lynsay Sands writes light-hearted vampire romances that spoof the vampire genre. They are sensual, fun and fast paced.
Stoker, Bram.  Dracula  Call# STO
In 1897 Bram Stoker wrote the vampire novel that all others since have been compared to. Written in  journal entry and letter format, Dracula is still an interesting and suspenseful read over 100 years later.
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn.  Saint-Germain Chronicles  Call# YAR
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s series follows one vampire through many different historical time periods. Each novel has suspense and romance and the series can be read in any order.

If You Like a Wide Range of Supernatural Creatures Try…

Armstrong, Kelley.  Women of the Otherworld Series  Call#  ARM
With this series, Kelley Armstrong has used her novels to explore love, friendship and mystery among groups of supernatural creatures, from werewolves to witches and everything in between.
Bretton, Brenda.  Chloe Hobbs Series   Call# BRE
Brenda Bretton’s series beginning with Casting Spells is part crafting cozy and part supernatural romance with a touch of mystery, set in idyllic Sugar Maple, Vermont, a town that serves as a safe haven for supernatural creatures of all kinds.
Butcher, Jim.  Dresden Files Series       Call# FSY BUT
Jim Butcher’s popular fantasy series follows Harry Dresden, a Chicago wizard who runs a paranormal investigations firm. Harry is a likable loser who has to root out the evilest of villains.
Laurie, Victoria.  Psychic Eye Series and Ghost Hunter Series  Call# M LAU
With both her mystery series, Victoria Laurie utilizes just about every supernatural creature and situation in these engaging novels which are light on the mystery and heavy on the fun.
If You Like the Steamy, Supernatural Romance Try…

Castle, Jayne.  Ghost Hunters Series         Call# CAS
Under the pseudonym Jayne Castle, Jayne Ann Krentz has written dozens of supernatural romances set on the planet Harmony.
Feehan, Christine.  Call# FEE
Christine Feehan has written many passionate and entertaining paranormal romances featuring just about any supernatural character you can think of.
Kenyon, Sherrilyn.  Call# KEN
Sherrilynn Kenyon is the reigning queen of the supernatural romance. Pick up any of her books and enter a world of steamy romance between all kinds of creatures.
Liu, Marjorie.  Call#  LIU
Marjorie Liu writes sensual paranormal romances set in exotic locales filled with intrigue, mystery, and love.
MacAlister, Katie.  The Dark Ones Series     Call# MAC
Katie MacAlister’s series follows Joy who, armed with a magical bag of stones, is thrust into a supernatural world of immortal beings and falls in love with a stranger with a dark secret.
Ward, J.R.  Black Dagger Brotherhood Series  Call#  WAR
In this series, J.R. Ward’s six vampire warriors are in a battle to protect their race while finding love and passion along the way.
If You Like the Dark Humor With a Supernatural Twist Try….

Brooks, Max.  World War Z  Call# BRO
In World War Z, Max Brooks has the survivors of a decades long zombie war recount what happened. This is political satire at its undead best.
Graham-Green, Sean .  Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Killer  Call# GRA
Sean Graham Green became famous by adding zombies to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and he has continued the horrific fun by imagining Abraham Lincoln as a Vampire Hunter.
Kenner, Julie.  Demon Hunting Soccer Mom Series  Call# KEN
Kate Connor put her demon hunting career on hold to start a family, but, as Julie Kenner’s series recounts, Kate is forced back into the business when a murderous demon interrupts her dinner party.
Moore, Christopher.  Call# MOO
Christopher Moore has made a successful career out of skewering the horror genre by writing deadly funny novels about vampires, the angel of death, and sea monsters, to name just a few.
If You Just Like It All, Try….

Acosta, Marta.  Milagro de los Santos Series    Call# ACO
Milagro de los Santos is hip, funny, smart, and …possibly becoming a vampire! With a little bit of romance and mystery, Acosta’s fun series is a must read for Sookie fans.
Chance, Karen.  Cassandra Palmer Series        Call# CHA
Karen Chance’s series follows Cassandra, a gifted clairvoyant who was raised by vampires. Over the series she inherits more powers and encounters a host of magical creatures on her travels and adventures.
Davidson, MaryJanice.  Betsy Taylor Series       Call# DAV
Betsy Taylor is a 30-something, former model, who wakes up as a vampire after being “killed” in a car crash.  But, she is no ordinary vampire; for instance, she can be out in the sunlight.  Could she be the prophesied Vampire Queen?
Frost, Jeaniene. Night Huntress Series  Call# FRO
Jeaniene Frost’s series  has vampires, mystery, romance and a tough heroine with a secret and a difficult choice; to live in the human world or the vampire world?
Hamilton, Laurell K. Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series  Call#  HAM
Laurell K. Hamilton’s best-selling series is edgy, sexy and violent. Anita investigates supernatural bad guys as she risks her life to keep the world safe. She manages to find herself in as many passionate situations as dangerous ones.
Harrison, Kim.  Rachel Morgan Series  Call# HAR
In this series, sexy witch and bounty hunter, Rachel Morgan protects the citizens of Cincinnati from a host of vampires and other evil supernatural creatures.


Anonymous said...

Did I miss Patricia Briggs???

Becky said...

You are correct. Since this list was for the BPL and we do not own enough of her series, I could not include it. But yes, Briggs is an excellent readalike.

This is an important RA point though. Your lists for your library need to reflect your holdings. We ILL the Briggs books when necessary, but do not have the money or the room to start back ordering them.

Keep the readalike options coming...

Jess said...

How about Charlaine Harris's other paranormal series -- The Harper Connelly series?

Kitty Marschall said...

I guess your library doesn't have any of the P.N. Elrod books, either? My favorite is the Vampire Files, set in 30s Chicago, which is funny, and interesting for the time period.

Amanpreet said...

I'm enjoying the Sookie books as well as True Blood. Thanks for the thorough post! I'm working on my own vamp book reviews. Can you leave some feedback, please? amansprettyblog.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Harry Potter, for teens. It has a wide range of magical creatures in it.