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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wedding Season Reads

June is in full swing and for many that means it is wedding season. I kick off my busy summer of weddings with my baby sister's bridal shower today.

I thought I would share some reading lists for the wedding lovers and haters out there. Hey, I may be happily married and celebrating my last single sister's quickly approaching wedding day, but I am still the consummate readers' advisor and promise to hit all appeals here.

So for those who can't read enough novels featuring weddings, here are some ideas for you:
And now, for those of you on the other side of the fence, click on through to these lists:
These lists are even of what I always say, there is a book out there for every reader. And your local readers' advisor can help you to uncover it.

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    ckubala said...

    Great minds must think alike. Our June 12th blog is about weddings too. I added your blog post and here's ours: