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Friday, August 27, 2010

News in Fantasy and Science Fiction

As I was going through my regular daily list of the 45 or so blogs I follow via RSS feed every day, I noticed a few that deal with SF and FSY that I thought were worth passing on today.
  • Click here for the just released list of this year's nominees for the World Fantasy Awards.
  • Click here for Jeff VanderMeer's Amazon.com interview with the head editor of Publisher's Weekly's SF, FSY, and Horror reviews, Rose Fox. They talk about her blog Genreville, which I check daily. For the record, VanderMeer is also nominated for one of this year's World Fantasy Awards.
  • i09 has this great essay entitled, "Fictional Science 101: Important Scientific Ideas That Inform Science Fiction." It breaks down the scientific theories that most commonly pop up in SF novels and stories. The essay also includes further reading suggestions. I may add this essay to the list of my student's required reading for their SF class. I know for sure that I will be sharing this with my coworkers too. If you even have a passing interest in SF, read this essay.

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