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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2011 Eisner Award Nominees Announced

Talk about timing.  Tonight's class will include a discussion of graphic novels and the great people who run the Eisner Awards for the comics industry obliged by announcing their nominees this week.  Click here for the full list.

This list not only gives you an idea of what are seen as the best graphic novels of the past year, but it also serves as an instructional tool into the appeal of the format.  Let me explain.  The categories point out how much goes into each work.  There are awards for best series, best single issue, best writer, best writer/artist, best inker, etc... The list goes on and on.

Just perusing the list of categories helps you to understand what makes a complete graphic novel.  Some readers are looking for the best story and some are interested in the art only; others want to read series and then there are their counterparts who only want single issues.  You see my point by now I am sure.

Graphic novels are not a genre; they are a format.  Why people like a specific graphic novel is two fold.  First, there are genre considerations and then there are the visual issues.  You need to consider both and explore your patrons' preferences on both fronts if you are going to be able to suggest new titles to them.

Take a look at the nominees of the best in the industry to see what I mean.

I would also suggest The Lair (the adult version of No Flying, No Tights) and The Graphic Novel Reporter for more graphic novel information, reviews, and resources.

More on what the class read for tonight later.

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