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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo First Ebook to 1 Million

This was interesting.  While several authors have made it to a million ebooks sold as an author, The unstoppable Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is the first single title to earn that distinction. Click here for the full story from GalleyCat with more links.

And to think, I read the trilogy the old fashioned way...as an audio book.  Click here and here for my reviews of Larsson's trilogy.

Also, for general ebook trends, click here and here for the NY Times ebook bestseller lists for fiction and nonfiction.  Also, my favorite, click here and here for the combined print and ebook lists, again fiction and nonfiction.

When you combine the lists, the best seller list has a distinctly different look.  Tomorrow, in class we are talking about formats.  Usually we focus only on Graphic Novels and Audiobooks, however this year, we will be adding ebooks into the formats conversation.

For the first time this semester, we have had multiple students read their books for class on their ereaders.  They have bee sharing the experience as well as the appeal of the book they read.  While we require the student look at at least 2 Graphic Novels and listen to one unabridged Audiobook for this class, we have not, as of yet, required reading an ebook.  I think that may change in the fall.

At the BPL, Kathy got our 2 Kindles yesterday and the 2 Nooks are on their way.  We already have the Sony ereader and may have enough money left to get an iPad too.  Soon, I will have much more to say about the BPL's foray into ebooks.

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