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Thursday, October 20, 2011

ILA Reports Part 1

I spent some time this week at the Illinois Librarian Association Conference and will be sharing a bit of what I learned over the next week or so.

Today I want to provide you with a few resources I compiled at the various programs I attended.

Anthony Molaro blogs as The Information Activist where his mission is: "to inspire and nurture a generation of imaginarians and information activists whose deepest desire is to create an environment where library members can explore and discover their world, relate and connect to their community, develop and foster their identity, grow and expand their mind, and find and inspire their creativity." Check him out.

Leah White is a Readers' Advisor at the Northbrook Public Library and she is active on tumblr.

I went to a program specifically on RA (which I will report on at greater length next week), but it did feature what is happening in readers' services at the Downers Grove Public Library, the Morton Grove Public Library, and the Skokie Public Library.

Check out these links for now and next week I will have specific reports on the three presentations I went to.  Since as a condition of the BPL paying for me to go I have to write a report of what I learned (which by the way, is more than fair), I will write these reports while I am actually at work.  Due to time spent attending the conference this week, that won't be until Monday.

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