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Friday, October 21, 2011

Hunger Games Reading Map

I just started going through student midterms, but this could not wait to be posted in the update to the Reading Maps Archive.

Christi made this wonderful, interactive, and just plain fun reading map for The Hunger Games Trilogy.  This is a must see for anyone who works in a public library-- of course any fans out there will love it too.

But back to the library workers, since the point of this blog to showcase how your local Readers Advisor can help you.  The Hunger Games is the hottest thing right now, and with the movie coming in March, you cannot have enough options for your patrons.  Christi has provided a way for your readers to look deeper into many of the issues brought up in the trilogy, explore further reading, and connect with other fans.

I also want to remind you of Gennie's Hunger Games Readalikes for Adults list which I posted last Spring and continues to get a lot of hits.  Christi's reading map includes readalikes for adults and young adults too.

Check out both links, you will not be disappointed.

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