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Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Discussion: What's Your Favorite Scary TV Series?

Running a bit late with the Monday Discussion today, but in keeping with the 31 Days of Horror over on RA for All: Horror, I wanted to ask people what their favorite horror TV Series are.

For me personally, I think The Twilight Zone is still sets a high bar for absolute creepiness.  I can still remember watching the old black and white episodes as a child.

Currently, I love The Walking Dead.  I love it for the post-apocalyptic storyline, the awesomely gruesome zombies, the action, the characters....just everything!

Finally, I enjoy True Blood, and although it is not horror, it does feature horror tropes, so I am including it here.  This is my campy horror outlet.  It is fun and outrageous.  It is suspenseful, but not terror inducing. But with all of those standard horror characters (vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters), I just have watching it.

Be as broad as I am and share your favorite small screen scares from the past or present.  I will follow up tomorrow with an annotated guest post listing some classic horror television series.

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Dr. Robert Burgin said...

"Twilight Zone" and "Outer Limits"

Jose said...

ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK, growing up it was the ultimate scare. The spine chilling stories would keep me up at night, although now I find it a bit cheesy. Also THE WALKING DEAD, the costumes and plot line are extraordinary.

verna said...

I love "Twilight Zone" and my brother and I used to get up super early to watch "In Search Of" when we were little and then be scared all day! I also love "True Blood" and am looking forward to "Grim."

John BPL RA said...

My favorite TV series by far is/was Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I was a huge fan of the film and jumped for joy when it was released to television. I used to use my lunch hour at work to watch it faithfully in the staff lounge every week. Sarah Michelle Gellar was, in my opinion, every bit as good as Kristy Swanson. The character of Buffy - a girl who kills vampires - was revolutionary in that it reversed the stereotypical role of women as victims in horror films. The series was shot in the same high school as Beverly Hills 90210 and in many ways Buffy was an antidote to that show. The vampires on the show were superb. Not only were the resident bloodsuckers awesome, but Buffy routinely took on Vamps from far and wide and even defeated Dracula. I miss the adolescent dialogue and world view of the characters, the macabre humor and deadly teen romance of the series that has not been seen since.

Mike said...


Rod Serling's "Night Gallery"
was a dark, macabre series that
I often found even scarier than
his more famous series "The
Twilight Zone".