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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monday Discussion: Looking Forward to 2012

It's a bit crazy at the BPL today.  We were closed for 4 consecutive days for the Christmas holiday and everyone has a new ebook reader they need help with.  Thankfully, our fearless leader, Kathy, trained the entire staff during the month of December on how to help people so Sharon and I are holding our own this morning.  Although the lady who got a Kindle and doesn't have a computer, email address, or an Amazon account did throw us for a bit of a loop. But I digress.

Today's Monday Discussion is also a bit wonky since it is Tuesday, but pretty much everyone in the world was off work yesterday, so today is a default Monday.

This is also the last Monday of the year so it is time to look forward into 2012 in the world of books.

Personally, there is no bigger event for me than the impending publication of The Twleve by Justin Cronin in August.  This novel will continue the story from my favorite book of 2010, The Passage.

I am also excited for new books by some of my favorite authors in 2012:
But now it is your turn.  For today's Monday Discussion: what are you most anticipating from the world of books in 2012?  It can be a book or maybe you are taking the eReader plunge in 2012.  Maybe there is a reading centered event coming in 2012 that you are excited about.

Whatever you are most looking forward to in the world of books and reading in 2012, here and now is the place to share it.

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John BPL RA said...

I, too, am looking forward to Interventions by Richard Russo. The illustrated novel is something that seems to have fallen by the wayside long ago and needs to be brought back in a major way. Interventions is actually a collection of short stories rather than a novel, but still. There isn't a very long list to anticipate for 2012 as the publishing industry continues to suffer in the grip of a struggling economy.

Kathy BPL RA said...

I am excited for Josh Bazell's sequel to "Beat the Reaper" - "Wild Things". And although it is the last season, I am excited for the HBO show "Treme" to return.

Chris said...

Deborah Harkness' follow-up to "Discovery of Witches" tops my list - I just have to make it until July!

Anonymous said...

Mike BPL...

I am looking foward to "Island
of Vice: Theodore Roosevelt's
Doomed Quest to Clean Up Sin-
Loving New York" by Richard
Zacks. As an avid reader of
history and an admirer of
Theodore Roosevelt, I am in-
terested in this book that
covers the period when
Roosevelt was New York City's
Police Commissioner and his
campaign to clean up a city
that didn't want a cleansing.