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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Best Picture Books

I happen to be a big fan of the Oscars already, but this year I am especially excited about 6 of the 9 Best Picture nominees since those 6 are all movies adapted from books...and good books at that.

Here is the link from the Early Word post where they break it all down.  It includes a list of the 13 movies that received a major category nomination and are based upon a book. There is a mistake in the post saying that Hugo did not receive a Best Picture nomination.  It did.

The post also includes links to Early Word's amazing book to film archives.

This is a great for library displays.  When The Adventures of Tin Tin came out in theaters, our fearless BPL RA leader Kathy, dusted off the old graphic novels (literally, they needed some dusting off) and placed them prominently on top of the popular Browsers Corner with a sign about the movie.  Those books flew off the shelves.  I even worked with a 60-something woman who had never read a graphic novel before and simply fell in love with the books.

By displaying the book versions of popular movies, you are helping your patrons, highlighting your back list, and making your services shine.

Why not take advantage of this windfall the Academy is offering to us at the library and get your Books of the 2012 Oscars display up today.  All you need is a small space for a few books.  The buzz created by the rest of the media will do the rest of the work toward getting these wonderful books into the hands of readers.

Seriously, stop reading this and go pull these books.  Show your patrons that you are thinking of them before they even have to ask you for help.

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