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Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Discussion: Summer Reading Goals

Now that June is in full swing, I am hearing a lot of people talk about their summer reading goals.  It seems quite common [at least according to my unscientific survey or library patrons, friends and family] for people to make summer reading resolutions.

My Dad (who is currently visiting here in Chicago) makes a summer reading goal every summer.  In 2010 he did the entire Lord of the Rings, including The Hobbit.  In 2011 it was a George R R Maritn read-a-thon, and this summer it is the Caro LBJ biographies.

For me, I have a small but important goal this summer.  In honor of the 50th Anniversary of A Wrinkle in Time, I will be re-reading it alongside my about to turn 10 year old daughter as she reads it for the first time.  We will also be discussing it while we read.

So what about you? Do you have a summer reading goal?  Is it a number of books, a new genre to try, or something specific? Let us all know.  Who knows you may inspire someone else with your plans.

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John BPL RA said...

I'm on a bit of an ancient literature trend. I'm finishing the Odyssey and then if I am feeling ambitious I'm going to try to tackle Marcus Aurelius. I'd read excerpts in college but never the entire monstrosity. God help me.

Anonymous said...


My Summer reading goal is the
same as I have the other three
seasons: read as many good
books as I can, experiment
with new authors or topics,
and hope to learn from and
enjoy every page.

Amelia Rodriguez said...

I normally don't do Summer Reading Goals, but this year my goal is to read Wolf Hall. I've had it for awhile and it's just sitting on my shelf staring me down.

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of in a cozy/country mode right now. I'm sure it will vary throughout the summer! I just joined Adult Summer Reading at BFS and am going to work towards my goal. :)