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Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Discussion: Death Bracket Preparation--General Fiction

Over the next few weeks I am going to be gathering people's favorite authors in specific genres here on the blog.  I will then combine this information with the data we are compiling during summer reading and with the work I am doing as part of the Adult Reading Round Table's popular fiction list.

Once I have a solid list of popular authors, John and I are going to make a truly unique election time display.

We realize that in just a few weeks (let's say, the hour after the closing ceremony of the Olympics), we will begin to be bombarded with Presidential Election coverage everywhere.  And, let's be realistic, here in Illinois, we got nothing going on.  We have our hometown President running for re-election, and no other big statewide races.  There is not much suspense in our neck of the woods.

So, John and I had an idea.  Rather than simply do a display on political fiction, we are going to run a "Death Bracket" display pitting the BPL's most popular authors against one and other.  Our display is based on this. 

The goal here is to highlight patrons' favorites, get out a little election season frustration, and have a chuckle. And now for your part.

We will have broad categories in which we will nominate 10-12 authors for the battles. For the next few Mondays, I will be soliciting your favorite authors in these areas.  I will include them in the overall consideration for the display.  As the next few months progress, you can follow the preparation here on RA for All.  Once the brackets begin, John and I will have the final say, writing out a paragraph each as to who won that battle and why.  In the end, only one can survive as the BPL's favorite author.

One more caveat.  We are going to keep this to author's who are alive and currently publshing.

Enough rules.  Let's begin with general fiction.  Who are your favorite contemporary authors.  From book discussion favorites to literary fiction.  Those authors you can't really put in a genre.

I will begin.  I am being very strict with myself here and limiting my picks to one woman and one man.  Michael Chabon and Margaret Atwood.

Now it's your turn.  You can give me as many as you want.  And start brainstorming for upcoming weeks.

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John BPL RA said...

Very nice job explaining all of that! Not to encourage any morbid experiments, but even though we will not allow dead authors, author corpses that have been Frankenstein'd back to life and/or zombie authors will be permitted if proof of re-animation is provided. Good luck!

Sarah Elsewhere said...

Jhumpa Lahiri, unless short stories are a later category? Though she did write a novel...

Verna Austen said...

I would say Anita Shreve, Amy Tan and Robert Morgan.

Verna Austen said...

My faves would be Amy Tan, Robert Morgan, and Anita Shreve.

Jess said...

Jeffrey Eugenides, Zadie Smith and Jonathan Tropper.

Kimberly said...

Sherman Alexie and Amy Tan