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Thursday, July 5, 2012

RA Links Round-Up

It's a holiday week and I am off the desk until Monday, home with the kids, and preparing for a 10th Birthday sleepover party, which all adds up to the fact that I have lots of interesting things piling up in my various inboxes and not enough time to write a post on each.  So....here is the short version.  Click on what you want, ignore what you don't.  And, feel free to add your own links to the comments.

  • First a gentle reminder that I have a horror blog too.  I post on RA for All: Horror at least 2x a week.  Recently, I have had this post on Hug a Monster Day and this one on an upcoming Horror Writers Association Roundtable discussion about Ray Bradbury.
  • Try as I might, I do not like the fiction of Lev Grossman.  On paper I should, but in reality I do not.  However, I do enjoy following his posts as a Time Magazine entertainment blogger.  Take this one where he reviews 7 books, speed dating style.  I can relate, I am months behind on my book reviews.
  • Still looking for a book to read on your summer vacation? Readers Advisor Online is still compiling a list of summer reading lists.
  • It's old news now, but as I said, I am behind on the links I wanted to post about.  The first Will Eisner Award for libraries was given out at ALA.  Click here for Graphic Novel Reporters coverage.
  • Check out this closed Wal-Mart that was turned into a public library.
  • Sue Polanka posted her report on the E-Books collection development panel that she was part of at ALA.  It includes their slides.
  • Because I am probably the only blogger in the word who has not linked to J.K. Rowling's new book cover.
  • Amazon's Best Books of the Year So Far is out.  Even better there are editors picks by genre.  Even even better, Gone Girl is on the list.  Did I mention Gillian Flynn will be that the BPL on 7/11?  Technically, all slots are filled, but you can email me to get on the wait list.  We will fill the room, so if someone doesn't show, there is at least a chance that you can get in.  Also, we will allow people who show up the chance to get their books signed as people begin to filter out.
Stay cool.

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