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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Graphic Novel Resources

As I have been preparing for the ARRT Genre Study, beginning today at 2, I have also been revamping my list of go-to graphic novel resources.  So today, I am going to share them here too.

Let me begin first with a clarification that I hinted at back on Tuesday. Graphic Novels are NOT a genre.  They are a format.  In fact, for the 6 scheduled meetings of the "genre study" we will be breaking down our in depth look at this format into genre blocks.  However, because this format is shelved together at most public libraries, readers often treat graphic novels in a similar fashion to a genre collection like mysteries.

I will have very brief reports on what happens at the 6 meetings throughout 2013, but I will not go into great detail because being in the genre study is a member benefit of being in ARRT.

The prep work I do however, is fair game for everyone out there.  So here is my go-to list of graphic novel Internet resources.  Please feel free to add your own in the comments.
Finally, do not forget to drop in at your closest comic book store and talk to them about trends, issues, hot titles, authors, and/or illustrators.

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