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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

To Read While You Wait for the New Pope

I may not be Christian myself, but man, I am in awe how Catholics take pomp and circumstance to the max.  Maybe only the British Monarchy can eclipse them.

So, as the world waits for the Cardinals to pick a Pope, your patrons might be looking for something to read.  Over on Book Browse's blog they posted this list: Books About Popes, Past & Present, Fiction & Fact. This annotated list has a reading suggestion for all types of readers.

And before I go, just a general RA tip.  Patrons love current event based displays.  They do not have to be overly complicated.  For example, at the BPL, we have a few books out on a side table right now with a sign that says "Vatican Reads." It took a few minutes for John to throw together and patrons love it.  The cost benefit ratio of happy patrons to time spent preparing is hugely in our favor. They appreciate us anticipating their needs and we love seeing the books leave the building, matched with a reader.

There are very few win-win opportunities in life.  Quick, current events displays are one you should grab by the horns every chance you get.

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