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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Is National Poetry Month

I do not post about poetry RA enough here.  How do I know that?  I have gotten dozens of comments and questions over the years about poetry RA with people asking where they can find resources or what I do to help poetry fans.  Unfortunately though, I do not work with the poetry collection, so I do not always stay up to date on the newest trends and resources.

However, that is no excuse. I am a librarian for goodness sake!  I know how to find the information I need...use my resources to find the answer. Librarians don't know everything, but we know where to find the answers to everything.

So that's what I am doing today to kick off National Poetry Month by pointing you to this great post on Book Browse highlighting (with commentary) a dozen of the best poetry websites out there right now.

Visit the sites and explore.  I spent some time this morning on a few and I already feel more confident about my knowledge in the area of poetry.  When I go into work later today, I may even try to suggest a poetry collection or two...maybe.

I have filed this post under the label "poetry."  As of this writing, I only have 6 "poetry" posts on the blog, but clicking this tag in the right gutter anytime of year will bring up this post and others to help you to help poetry readers.

Also, check out the official National Poetry Month 2013 website here.

I am seriously going to make an effort to include poetry in my work this month with the hope that it becomes more natural for me to include the format in my work helping readers all the year through.

What about you? Are you considering poetry more seriously as a leisure reading option in honor of National Poetry Month?

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