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Monday, April 1, 2013

RA For All ILA Election Endorsements

If you are not an Illinois librarian please ignore this post, but if you are PAY ATTENTION!

Seriously, for what it is worth, I wanted to share 2 specific endorsements in the ILA Election going on right now.

First, in the very important category of President Elect I highly recommend Jeannie Dilger.  She is the director of my local library and I am on the Board of Trustees there.  I was part of the team that hired her to come to our library and am one of 7 people who do her annual review.  She is an amazing library advocate, mentor, and is great at thinking outside the box.  I can not think of anyone who could be better than Jeannie as our ILA President.  Please consider giving her your vote.  Click here for both candidate statements.

In one of the Director at Large categories, I also highly endorse Alissa Williams from Pekin Public Library.  I have worked with Alissa on a few projects.  She is very involved with ILA.  She is also a great manager who really cares about the development of her staff.  She is also always striving to better herself and her skills.  Again, what more can you ask for from our state library association leadership?  Please consider giving her your vote.  Click here for both candidate statements in that race.

Thank you for indulging me.  I normally do not give endorsements here on RA for All, but in this case, I feel so strongly about both of these women that I could not keep it to myself.  I truly believe the ILA will be strengthened by their leadership.

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