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Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Discussion: Your Favorite Shelf at the Library

RA for All is back from vacation.  Thanks for waiting while I had a complete break from work for a glorious 10 days.  But now we are back to the regular schedule.

Today's Monday Discussion comes from my vacation.  While on our Revolutionary War themed road trip, our family stayed with a relative in the DC area who is a retired school librarian. 

While in conversation she said, "You know what my favorite shelf at the library is?"

"No," I said.

She said it was the LEE section of biography.  "You have such a fun variety from Bruce Lee to Harper Lee to Stan Lee and then of course Robert E. Lee and his people." (She lives and taught in VA)

I had to agree that was a pretty amazingly cool span of biographies.  There really is something for everyone there.

This got me thinking about if I had a favorite shelf at the library.  I should have on, right?

I began thinking about nonfiction and a Dewey area.  I do enjoy looking at the 973's for American history.  I can always find an intersting and appealing (to me) narrative nonfiction book there, but it is a huge section and I couldn't narrow it down to one shelf.

For horror, I like the range between Keene to Kenyon to King to Koontz to Langan. It is a great reange of horror authors all in one spot.

In the Mystery section, The PE's are a great place to find a good read.  From Pears, to Pearl, to Penny, to Perry to Peters.  Again, a nice sampling in a compact space.

I also love our very first 2 ranges.  Abrahams to Adiga to Atwood to Austen.  That's a cool span too.

This is fun.  I have been jumping out of my chair and running back and forth to the shelf.  I could do this all day, but that is not the point of the discussion.

It is time to hear from you.  What is your favorite "shelf" at the library?  Maybe it is just the new shelf? Maybe it is a specific area. Maybe you never thought about it.  Now's the time to start contemplating it.  Let me know.

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Kimberly said...

Although you'll probably find me browsing at the "New Fiction" shelf, I always like to look at the "to be shelved" shelf or cart. I think it's fascinating to see what materials have been circulating and ponder why these titles are moving through other people's hands.

John, Librarian At Dawn said...

The staff hold shelf, because it sometimes has goodies for me ha ha.

Helgagrace said...

The Es and Ws in the SFF shelves--Connie Willis, Tad Williams, Patricia C. Wrede, David Eddings, Teresa Edgerton, Rosemary Edghill.