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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

World Book Night 2013 Recap...With Pictures! [UPDATED 4/25]

Well last night I had a great time passing out books at Meijer in Berwyn.  Click here for the details on what books I had.

I do want to give a big thanks to Marsha, the Store Director at Meijer in Berwyn who is a big supporter of the library.  Also, we are very pleased in Berwyn to be the site of one of their first urban stores. Their presence has brought jobs and helped to revitalize the historic Cermak Plaza.

The celebrations began at the BPL at 4:30pm when our fearless leader, Kathy came to distribute our official book giver shirts with the logo on the front and "Book Giver" on the back.  (see me wearing it in the picture below)

I forgot to get a picture of the team, but I went off to Meijer and then another group of four was going to divide and conquer at the commuter rail station.

At a little after 5, I went into the Meijer store, checked in at the customer service desk and got to work spreading my love of books by handing out FREE BOOKS (no strings attached) to shoppers and workers.  Everyone was so nice and appreciative.  It only took me 12 minutes to hand out 25 books!!!!

May people even agreed to have their photos taken with their books.  And I had an employee snap a shot of me too.  They are all embedded below.

But before I conclude this post, I want to say what a great event World Book Night is.  It takes a lot of planning and is run completely on donations.  I hope it continues.  I am proud to have been involved with it since its inception.  Please consider becoming a giver yourself next year.

Even in the "Express Lane" people stopped to take a book

Me in action!
As promised, here are the pictures of BPLers Kathy, Jose and Crystal in the shirts we had made, modeling front and back.

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ckubala said...

I love your pictures-wish I had done this. There's always next year. I gave away City of Thieves too. Great book. I went to our local Dunkin' Donuts and had lots of fun.