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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two Links I Couldn't Wait to Post

I know I have already posted a review today, and it is not time for another RA Links Roundup, but in the two major papers I read daily (yes, I am under 40 and I still read newspapers...in print!) each have had articles that I felt are important for all of the rest of you to see as well.

The first is in the spirit of my trying to be more cognizant of poetry in honor of National Poetry Month (April). The New York Times had this great article about Poets in Unexpected Places, a troop who strive to bring poetry out into the community.  I was very inspired by their work as described in the article.  As one of the founders said in the article, "There is something beautiful about public artwork."

But as great as this is, I was even happier to see my local paper, The Chicago Tribune prominently showcase this column by Ron Grossman today entitled, "A How-To On Loving Your Public Library: A Book Snob Discovers You Can Go Home Again." [Thanks to my mother-in-law for altering me to the article before I got to the paper.]

I am often down on the Tribune's book coverage, not to mention their even worse library coverage.  In this, a city that is home to the American Library Association, a city that has the best network of neighborhood public library's in the country, a city that regularly hosts the national conference for all librarians all over the country, they are constantly ignoring the library or the work of librarians and have even made their book coverage cost extra money; which forced all areas libraries to spend an extra $90 on top of our subscriptions to the paper because we had to have it for our patrons since many of them couldn't afford it. Click here for more on my rant on that. Thanks for the extra financial burden Tribune

Too bad they didn't pay attention to us enough to run this column last week during National Library Week, but better late than never.

It really is a great article, but it is a shame that it starts off by belittling the library (see subtitle as an example). Many of us already understood the joy and wonder of the public library and have made its success our life's mission.

If you are reading this blog, I know you already know what Grossman shares in his column.  I am simply linking to it to show you that even those that are not usually on our side can see the light.


Urszula said...

Would have read the column... alas, I'm in Canada and according to the Chicago Tribune, "Premium content is currently available only to users within the United States." Bummer.

Becky said...

Send me your email address and I will scan the article. Zombiegrl75@gmail.com

Jeanie Kenkel said...

I'm glad I'm not the last person reading newspapers. I'm in my 30s too.