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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

BPL: Coolest Library in the Land

Look at what Kathy and I found when we got to Trivia Night last night!

The BPL has its own drink special. We are so proud.

Our goal for the RA Dream Team  is to be the librarians that think outside the box for services. We want to provide the traditional services of a librarian, like reference and RA, but in unique ways. 

With the one two punch of trivia (reference) and giving out Friends of the Library donated books as prizes (we do quick RA interviews to match the books we have to the winners as best we can) this qualifies.  And add to the fact that it comes with its own beverage special...go us.


*This post was updated on 9/5. Original post was done quickly from the mobile blogger platform.

1 comment:

Sonia Reppe said...

It's great that the Garv Inn is working with you to advertise for the library.