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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days of Horror Begins on RA for All: Horror

Cake by Pastries So Tasty
She made this cake too.
Although I will continue to blog here on RA for All each and every weekday in October, my heart belongs to RA for All: Horror this month.

Click here for today's opening post in the 31 Days of Horror blog-a-thon. All month long you can find a link to the daily post in the top of the right gutter here on RA for All.

I have saved some "creepy"books I have read over the last few months to review here on RA for All in the coming days too. So look for those as I dig through the review backlog.

But, if you are looking for horror ideas, suggestions, resources and links during this haunting season, they can be found on RA for All: Horror.  It's time to give the step-sister blog its 31 days in the sun.

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