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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

PLA 2014: Top 5 of the Top 5 Nonfiction

As promised here, there is a second quick post today.  I separated them so each could be more accurately indexed and retrieved at a later date with more ease.  I may be tired and digging out from under a neglected pile of things to do, but I am still a librarian for goodness sake.

Rebecca Vnuk, friend of RA for All and Booklist's Editor for Reference and Collection Management, recently shared her slides from the Top 5 of the Top 5 Nonfiction program from PLA last month.

Click here for access to everything through the Self Renewal blog [which by the way, you should be reading and/or following already anyway].

On a side note, the authors, titles and categories can be used both for nonfiction leisure readers and as great options for book discussions-- especially for groups that don't normally read nonfiction but are feeling a bit adventurous.

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