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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Genius Alison Bechdel-- Expect Increased Demand

Today the MacArthur Foundation released their class of 2014 Fellows who are colloquially referred to as the "Genius Grant" winners. 

Among this year's class is Graphic Memoirist Alison BechdelClick here for the full statement on her, her work, and why she is a "genius."  There is also a wonderful video where she talks about her work and her craft.  I have embedded it at the end of the post because Bechdel does a wonderful job articulating the appeal of the graphic novel as a storytelling format.

Click here for posts on the blog about Alison Bechdel and her books [there are many], including the one from when my book club of "mature" ladies discussed Fun Home.

You can also click here for all of my posts about graphic novels.  In the past I have talked at length not only about specific graphic novels, but also on the joys and challenges of working with graphic novel readers.

Expect an uptick in requests for Bechdel's work at your library, especially by people who have never read her, or may even be new to the graphic format in general.  And don't forget those new to LGBTQ too. Here are some lists from me to help you with your "while you wait" suggestions:

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