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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Resources to Help You to Keep Up: Booklist

The big fall season of major book releases is upon us.  I have learned by past mistakes not to try to keep up with reading all of the new books this time of year. Instead, I spend my time figuring out the best resources for me to efficiently and effectively handle this overwhelming time.

I hope to share some of these here on the blog in the coming weeks.

Today, I will start with Booklist.

As I mentioned here, the people over at Booklist online just released a brand new way for you to navigate their wealth of RA relevant content.  Click here for The Booklist Reader which provides (in their words) "OPINION, NEWS, AND LISTS FROM THE BOOK PEOPLE AT BOOKLIST, BOOK LINKS, AND BOOKLIST ONLINE.”

I don’t think this tag line does enough just justice to how great this new resource is.  Before, you had to bounce around to a lot of different places to discover articles and lists both interesting and useful.  Now, if I want to see, for example, all of the lists people over at Booklist Online have compiles, I click here and it doesn’t matter if they are audiobooks, YA books, fiction, of book club lists.  Now they are all at this link.  Before you would have to peruse four different blogs, and then compile it yourself if you wanted to use all of the information at one time.

It is quite remarkable and useful, but the key here is it will save you time while making you look smarter!

Besides consolidating the various Booklist blogs, lists, and info in one place, in this new portal you also have 1 click access to the Booklist Webinars.  Today I watched one of my favorites-- the annual Spotlight on Romance webinar.

Okay, quick pause. Many of you are confused.  Regular readers know I am not a Romance fan, but this is EXACTLY why I love this annual webinar.  I know that I will get a sense of the biggest trends, hottest titles, and need to know authors in a RA friendly program.  This is for librarians who work with romance readers.  It is all about Romance but geared toward you. And, this year, like previous years, I came away with a new list of books to buy and pass on to my romance fans [who, by the way are some of my favorite patrons to help even though we do not share a love of the same type of stories].

Click here to see the full slate of past webinars and here for the list of upcoming ones.

A quick perusal of The Booklist Reader a few times a week, will give you a big boost in knowledge and confidence.  I even added a direct link to it i the right gutter of the blog under my “Sites Worth Checking Out.”  This way you don’t have to remember.

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