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Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Discussion: Dream Jobs

We all have a great job.  We get to help readers find books they will love.  We get to be a matchmaker with no pressure.  Unlike a matchmaker who is trying to find you a mate,  where the stakes are pretty high, not so for us Readers’ Advisors.  If our choice of book for a patron doesn't work out, all they have to do is close the book, return it, and pick another from the hundreds of choices on the shelves. There will be a winner there somewhere.

And, our services are free!

But even someone like me, who loves my job, can see an even more perfect one out there.  So today, let’s talk dream jobs.  Look, I know we all love working in our libraries, but if you could do anything else what would it be?

I’ll go first.

Mine is actually not too shocking.  In the last few years I have been actively looking for a bookmobile job.  I would love working in a bookmobile because it is all about finding books for readers with a high customer service bar.  The problem for me is that I refuse to live in a rural area.  I often find Chicago a bit small coming from suburban NJ, and I certainly wouldn't last very long south of I-80, but the fact is, bookmobiles make sense in rural areas, not in the Chiacgoland area where 8 million people live in a geographically small area, and where near the BPL, we have 6 libraries within a few minute drive.

So, I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I may have to give up my bookmobile dream.  But if anyone out there wants to start an urban bookmobile [maybe my friends at RAILS can work on it... hint, hint] please know I would do it!

Also, in a perfect world, I would work in a small bookstore, but unfortunately, those are hard to find.  A bookmobile is the closest to that vibe.  Plus, I prefer the library and its not for profit vibe over a commerce model.

What about you?  Now is your chance to share your dream job.  Even if it isn't library or book related, fess up.

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Anne said...

I think it's awesome you want to be a bookmobile librarian! I had never seen a bookmobile until I started working at my present (county) system. We have a bookmobile and I think it's a fantastic service.

My personal dream job is to be a branch manager at a small town public library. I like the amenities of a smaller city but love the small town atmosphere. Luckily the area where I live now has both types of communities within driving distance. Chicago is way too big for my family--so much traffic!--, but we do visit often (lots of extended family in the area).

Betty said...

My dream job is to work part time as a reader's advisor in a friendly public library. Oh, wait! That sounds familiar.

John BPL RA said...

Working in a library really is my dream job. If I had to do something else I'd probably return to acting. I would love to host a late night horror show on TV. Something really gruesome.

But I would still work at the library as a volunteer.

Tara BPLteen said...

Not to sound to much like the Library Rah Rah Club, but I love my job too.

I remember taking various career aptitude tests in high school and college and they all told me the obvious: that I enjoy endeavors in which I can use my brain, express my creativity, and help other people. That sounds to me like exactly what I do here at the library.

I do think there are other things that I could love also. I would love to work at a museum, helping others to explore culture and history. I would love to work with Fair Trade companies, helping third-world artisans and workers make a better living. (I know I would enjoy these because I've tried my hand at them before.)

But, as for a "dream job," I think YA or Youth Librarian (possibly even department head, someday) is a good enough ambition for me.

Kathy at BPL said...

Yes, I love my job. I don't think I could handle not working with books. It makes my little heart patter with anxiety when I think about it. BUT, let's get serious people. We are talking DREAM job. Mine would be owning an independent bookstore with a brewery attached. I always say there is nothing better than beer and books.

marlise at SCPL said...

Another in the chorus of feeling my RA job is perfect, BUT if I was starting all over I'd try being a concierge in a big city hotel (overseas, if truly dreaming). I imagine it would have a similar vibe to RA (match people with activities, etc.) and to know a city and have connections all over to theatre, restaurants, etc.. FUN!

Cari said...

Lately I've been dreaming about quitting my job and going entirely freelance. In a dream world, I would spend more time at home with my son, but would still have my wonderful babysitter on call so I could write, do webinars, occasionally work a reference desk, and teach classes in the library school. Sadly, I need a pension and those other jobs don't pay enough. But maybe one day!

Anonymous said...

Wow I wish I had all of your enthusiasm! I've only worked full time at a library for a little under 2 years and already feel burnt out and that perhaps working at a library isn't for me. My library doesn't call for much RA, which has been disappointing.

I do still have interest in readers advisory and love NoveList so have been thinking of possibly applying there, once they have an open position.

I'm still trying to figure out what my dream job is. I've been figuring out my interests and what can I do with them to make them financially feasible.