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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Whole Library Handbook: Teen Services and ARRT Renewal Time

Today, ARRT hosted a wonderful program with Heather Booth, one of the editors of The Whole Library Handbook: Teen Services. Click here for the flyer.

Although I missed the program, I was able to follow the tweets from those who were there here.

But, today I really want to remind all of you about the book itself.  The Whole Library Handbook: Teen Services is a no-nonsense, practical guide to providing quality Teen Services in your library.  Teens just don’t walk up to the designated teen desk only.  Everyone needs to be prepared to help them.

Heather’s is also particularly well versed in providing RA to teens; she wrote a book on that too!

I realize budgets are tight, and you might not have money to buy this book now, but don’t use that as an excuse not to improve yourself or your library.  The book is part of the collaboration that came out of the work Heather and Karen do with the wonderful Teen Librarian Toolbox. So I urge you to at the very least, check that wonderful resource out. Anyone who works at a public library can learn something to help them to help patrons better.

And, now that the program is over, it is marks both the end of ARRT for 2014 and the start of ARRT Renewal Season.  Look for posts in the coming weeks about the wonderful things we have planned for 2015!

*Full disclosure, Heather’s books are published by ALA Editions, same as my book.

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