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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

RA Programming Alert: National READATHON Day

Today I received notice of the first annual National READATHON Day.  From their website:
National Readathon Day
Consider this: 53% of 9-year-olds read for pleasure daily, and by the time they turn 17, that number drops to 19%. Without your help, book worms may soon become an endangered species.  
That's why Penguin Random House and the National Book Foundation are launching National Readathon Day. We're asking book lovers across America to pledge to read for four hours starting at noon (in respective time zones) on January 24, 2015.
Make your commitment here on FirstGiving and fundraise to support the National Book Foundation's efforts to create, promote, and sustain a lifelong love of reading in America. 
You can fundraise individually, join an existing team, or start your own of friends, family, and colleagues. 
We'll be offering incentives and prizes to help keep you motivated to fundraise and #MakeTimeToRead on January 24, when we'll celebrate how important reading is to American culture.
The mission of the National Book Foundation is to expand the audience for literature in America. Its programs include BookUp, 5 Under 25, the Innovations in Reading Prize, and the National Book AwardsIf you need more information about the National Book Foundation or National Readathon Day, email bsamuel@nationalbook.org. And for press inquiries, email syoung@nationalbook.org.
The first thing I did when I read this notice was email a cross department team of people at my library to start reserving space and to begin planning an event for this day. I am not even working at the library today, but this could not wait.

The second thing I did, is write this post.

Please, if you work at a public library, click through and learn more about the READATHON.  It perfectly matches all public library missions, and will be a wonderful PR opportunity for the library.

And, on a side note, I was just starting to get sad all over again about the cancellation of World Book Night.  This was the time last year when we were gearing up to choose the books and start planning our participation. Jose wore his WBN shirt to work last week, and I was feeling down about not having WBN to use to promote reading out in the community this year.

But now....

I am going full out on READATHON starting now.  Want to join me?

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Anonymous said...

Readathon sounds like a good idea! Keep me posted.