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Thursday, January 29, 2015

NoveList RA News- February 2015 Issue

Lots of pre-ALA work and prep to finish up before tomorrow, so today, I am just passing on the link to the February 2015 issue of the NoveList RA News which also happens to have a link to the NoveList and Library Journal webinar I will be a part of.

As of Tuesday we were just under 900 registrations, so thanks to so many of you for signing up.  I am excited for us to share our varied experiences with you.

But in the meantime, here is the link to the full issue of RA News. And below is the TOC to which I added direct links to each article in case you would prefer that. [Also, it makes it easier to retrieve this post later as you can now search the contents of the issue. I have not been this smart in the past and have sifted through many past RA News issues to find something I was looking for.]

See some of you real soon. Safe travels to all as you make your way into Chicago.

In This Issue:
Can your library benefit from a fresh look at readers’ advisory service? Join NoveList and Library Journal 
for an engaging and informative discussion as three libraries reveal why their attention is now on helping readers find the perfect read. 

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