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Monday, March 30, 2015

RA for All Vacation

I am taking a much needed blogging break starting today.

RA for All will return on Wednesday, April 8th.

But although there will be no new posts, there are still over 1900 posts here on the blog, not to mention the close to 400 posts on the horror blog.

Sometimes I peruse old posts myself and find some great tips buried in the archives.

So, while I am gone, I am giving you, my loyal readers, who are looking for ways to better their RA skills, an assignment. [Yes, I am giving you homework for my blogging vacation.] Use the tags listed in the right gutter (toward the bottom) or the use the blog archive to poke around on the blog.

I know most of you simply read what I have posted that day, but in truth, this blog is more than just what I am posting in the moment. I truly view this blog as a depository of RA knowledge, tips, tools, and issues.

That's why I put in the time and effort to run this blog because of the compound interest I am building with each and every post. It is the entirety of everything I have posted over the last 7.5 years, put together, that makes this blog such a valuable resource to those of us who serve leisure readers-- myself included.

This blogging vacation will give me a chance to refuel and come back better than ever, but it will also give all of you the chance to use the archives to learn something that is new to you.

Enjoy and "see" you soon.

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