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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I'm Back With Interesting Links

Well, the RA for All Blogging vacation is done and after 10 days in Hawaii with my family, I am as refreshed as I have ever been. Looking at the "behind the scenes blog stats, " I can also see that many of you took me up on my challenge to take advantage of the blog archives while I was gone.  I appreciate it and I hope it helped you.  Please keep doing it too.  There is a lot of great info hiding out here.

Coming up in the next few weeks there will be many reviews (I am not only behind but read 3.5 books on vacation), 2 webinars in a five day span starting tomorrow,  a new Reader's Shelf column in Library Journal, and some BIG announcements are just a few of the things coming here soon.

But now back to the blog. I want to talk about two big book things that happened while I was away that are both very useful to our day-to-day work with leisure readers.

The Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction were announced here.  But even more useful is Booklist's list of readalikes for the fiction finalists here and the nonfiction ones here.  Start promoting and suggesting all of these titles right now-- both award contenders and readalike options. Thanks to The Booklist Reader for all of the easy to navigate links.

The Tournament of Books finished up with my favorite book of 2014 taking the Rooster-- Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.

Again, thanks for hanging in there while I took a WAY overdue vacation.  Back tomorrow with slides for a brand new Historical Fiction webinar.

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