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Thursday, September 17, 2015

ARRT Genre Study News: True Crime Notes and a 2016 Teaser

I just posted the notes from August’s meeting on True Crime.  As always, the notes are password protected for members [as of right now, but see below for news on that maybe changing], but anyone can use our assignments to run their own genre study. Just go to the Crime Fiction Genre Study website for details; all we ask is that you credit ARRT.

Our next meeting is October 1st at the Berwyn Public Library and the topic is Crime Special Interests and Formats: Audio, Graphic Novels, Multicultural and YA. Details and assignments here.

However, please stay tuned no matter where you live because there are big changes coming to the ARRT Genre Study. Not only will we be starting on a new set of genres in 2016, but we are also planning to change the way we structure the meetings as a result of your feedback.

We are also actively considering providing the notes password free to everyone through our new website beginning in 2016. In other words, you may not need to be a member to get access to the notes. You would still need to be a member to attend the genre studies in person though-- but membership is only $10 people.

So if you are someone out there who has been following along with us, facilitating your own genre studies based on our model but are not members, get in touch with me or leave a comment here to let me know if this would be of interest to you.

Overall we are hopeful that beginning with the 2016 Genre Study, much more information will be available online. Our hope is that we can help more libraries as they try to assist their leisure readers. We want to provide our members with a great in person experience but also are committed to leveraging our position as leaders in RA training to reach as many of you as possible.

And finally, although I cannot yet announce which genres we will be covering in 2016-17, I will provide a huge hint-- I will not be leading it this time, but I will be a major contributor at times.


Molly Moss said...

I am an ARRT member living in Massachusetts, and would love a way to be able to more easily participate in ARRT stuff, including the genre study (although since I run both a staff and a regional one, not sure how I would fit it in!)

Becky said...

Thank you Molly. I will pass this info on. We are trying. Thanks for your patience.

Molly Moss said...