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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

National Reading Group Month Is Coming...

Each October, the Women’s National Book Association sponsors a wonderful month long event-- National Reading Group Month.

Below is a post from Booklist Reader (Booklist is one of the major sponsors each year) explaining it all, but first a few comments by me.

I am smack dab in the middle of a flurry of book discussion training planning and trainings; in fact, I have just committed myself to leading the charge in 2016 on revamping the ARRT Book Discussion and Leadership Training program. We are still in the early stages and there are multiple planning meetings still to go, but you can start to see some of our rebranding and progress here.

In the past, I have only been able to half pay attention to the wonderful resources, ideas, and discussions that happen because of National Reading Group Month. Part of this is because it falls in October (my busiest month of the year #horrormavenproblems), but in the past, I also had to juggle my library job with my Halloween related duties.

Not this year though. My October 2015 will be all about Halloween AND Book Discussion Leadership Training. I am excited. And when I am excited about something, that means lots of resources, ideas, and training for you!

Since I did one webinar on Monday and will be doing another on the 28th, this is the perfect time to start getting ready for an all out book group assault here on the blog.

[Now I am giggling imagining a whole bunch of the “mature ladies” from my old book group jumping out of airplanes with parachutes to attack less studios book groups.]

*clears throat*

Get in on the action for yourself and your book clubs with this post from Booklist Reader:

Booklist again selected by National Reading Group Month, Great Group Reads  
Booklist, the American Library Association’s premier review source for public libraries and schools, has been selected once again to collaborate with the Women’s National Book Association’s October National Reading Group Month (NRGM), including the special Great Group Reads initiative that highlights selected titles.
National Reading Group Month celebrates shared reading by promoting reading groups. “Month in and month out, thousands of groups nationwide gather to discuss the latest and to revisit older titles,” observed NRGM Chair, Jill Tardiff.  “Great Group Reads” are a key element of National Reading Group Month, with 20 titles selected this year for their appeal to reading groups by a panel of writers, reviewers, librarians, booksellers, publicists, and committed readers. The chosen titles cover timely and provocative topics and include under-represented gems from independent presses and lesser-known mid-list releases from larger houses.
“Great Group Reads is a natural partnership for us, since its goals reflect so clearly what Booklist does for librarians and readers all year long—recommend books and offer resources that help librarians and readers select the titles most likely to lead to thought-provoking and entertaining discussions,” said Bill Ott, Editor and Publisher. “Like Booklist, it helps libraries by focusing attention on titles sure to engage readers, without expecting library staff to read every title themselves.”
Content in the Book Groups section of The Booklist Reader offers a one-stop resource with original content by expert contributors as well as links to a wide range of free book group-related guides and tips. It includes informative, wise, witty, and salutary posts by expert contributors from around the country, plus links to a wide range of free book group-related guides, tips and other resources. “This online destination for reading groups is ideal for National Reading Group Month,” said Tardiff. “We are delighted to partner with ALA’s Booklist and to make the blog a visible part of the program.”
Booklist is again making its reviews of Great Group Reads titles available free to non-subscribers at Booklist Online, and in October, its Great Reads page will be devoted to these titles. Booklist Online and the Booklist Reader are vibrant resources for book groups throughout the year, with wide-ranging free content including blogs, e-newsletters, and featured reviews of the day.
Visit National Reading Group Month to learn more about the program. Special events featuring reading-group favorite authors are planned nationwide in the Association’s 12 chapter cities, with partners from libraries and all areas of the book industry supporting the initiative.
Booklist is the book review magazine of the American Library Association, considered an essential collection development and readers’ advisory tool by thousands of librarians for more than 100 years. Booklist Online includes a growing archive of 170,000+ reviews available to subscribers and with The Booklist Readeroffers a wealth of free content offering the latest news and views on books and media.  Booklist subscriptions offer essential integrated print and online access for the most efficient and effective workflow, including four issues of Book Links.
The Women’s National Book Association, founded in 1917, is thought to be the oldest continuously running women’s literary organization in the USA. For the past 98 years, it has united women and men from every corner of the book world: writers, editors, librarians, bookstore owners, and more. It provides a vehicle through which members can act on their professional and personal commitment to champion the book and to stimulate the increased tolerance, social awareness, and civic involvement associated with reading.
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Booklist Online includes a growing archive of 170,000+ reviews available to subscribers as well as a wealth of free content offering the latest news and views on books and media.

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