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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Diverse Books For Grownups

Here at RA for All, I am proud to have been a champion of diverse books since I began the blog back in August of 2007.  Actually, it goes back even further. Since I began teaching the RA class at Dominican University in the Fall of 2004, I had always had part of a class on ”multicultural” authors which included ethnic and LGBTQ authors.

Also during our semester together, students were required to read 5 books in total and AT LEAST one of those had to be from one of these “diverse" categories.

As the We Need Diverse Books campaign picked up over the last year, I followed it and even posted about it here. But I have always been a bit sad that the campaign has mostly focused on books for teens and kids.

Flash forward to today when I saw this fantastic list of diverse books for adults via the New Hanover Country [NC] library.

It reminded me that instead of being sad about others not posting diverse reading options for adults, I should be promoting the resources I have helped to compile for years. I am sorry it took me this long to realize it.  So here are some diverse reading options, courtesy of me and all my former students. They are all geared toward adult leisure readers.

  • Everything I have tagged diversity or LGBTQ in the past.
  • My Student’s Blog-- no longer updated since I don’t teach the class anymore, but as I said above, they were required to read a diverse book, so there are many options there.
  • The slides for the 2013 talk I did for ARRT on “Hyphenate American” authors.
  • The ARRT Popular Author List [available on NoveList, details here] also includes a “Special Reading Interests” and an International author section both with many diverse authors listed.

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Carla said...

Thank you for the shout out to our Diversity in Literature page for New Hanover County Library! :)