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Monday, October 19, 2015

RA for ALL at the Library State of Mind Conference-- Free SWAG Can be Yours!

I don't want to repeat myself too much, but back in July, I mentioned here that RA for All [that's really just me] is a silver sponsor of the joint Illinois Libraries conference.

I am there is a variety of capacities.

  1. As a sponsor [See my ad in the program book, page 120]
  2. As a speaker
  3. As a representative for ARRT both as a speaker and for our exciting, first annual RA Award.
Again, you can click here for all of those details from back in July.

I am not headed to Peoria until Thursday, but I wanted to give  those of you who are going a heads up on a few things now.  Plus, if you are not going, and even if you don't live anywhere near IL, I still have some info for you too.

Let's start with #1. I am a sponsor of coffee. Here is your proof from the program book.

But caffeinating you [specifically on Saturday morning] is not the main reason I am a sponsor. I am a sponsor because I want to get the word out that I want to come to your library and help you to help your staff help your leisure readers. I work mostly with public libraries, but I am also beginning to branch out into school, academic, and even special libraries too. I want to be available to my home state libraries first and foremost. 

If you are at the conference, come find me. Just tweet me @RAforAll and we can meet up. I have stickers for all RA for All fans to wear. I also have pens and postcards for libraries that talk to me about possible trainings and the kicker.....a RA for All awesome TOTE BAG if we set up a specific training at the conference itself.

Yes, I know my audience, TOTE BAGS will win your hearts.

But, for the rest of this month, I am extending this offer to anyone out there reading this. You book me for a 2016 event (2015 is closed to appearances) you get a TOTE BAG mailed to you now.

This is a limited time offer. As always, you can contact me by clicking on the logo or the "About" page. Or simply, click right here, right now.

#2: My presentation is on Saturday morning at 9am. It is on running a successful genre study and is geared toward School and Public Librarians. I have embedded a screen shot of the basic info here in the post, and I will also make the slides Friday's post. But if you cannot wait, go to the conference website and search for my program.  There you will get a full summary of the program and access to the slides immediately.

If you come to my presentation, I also have stickers, pens, and some books to giveaway. Yes, I am bribing you to fill my room. I have no shame and I am fine with that.

I am presenting for ARRT which leads me into #3. On Friday night, before I present for ARRT, Saturday morning, I will be at the awards gala dinner in support our Chair, Annabelle Mortensen as she presents our first ever award:
Yay DGPL. They are friends and do great work. We are all so excited for them, and, quite frankly, for us-- ARRT. Our leadership has made RA Service important enough here in IL to get it's very own award. We are now as important as Tech, Youth, YA, and Reference Services. This is a big step for all of us who put working with leisure readers at the top of our service priorities.

I am going to try to pre-load RA for All with a lot of reviews this week, but if something worth blogging about happens at the conference, I will post more.  Otherwise, look for me on Twitter @RAforAll using the official conference hashtag: #ILLibrary15. And if you are not on Twitter [as many of my readers always remind me that they are not], you can follow what I am tweeting in the right gutter of this blog.

I hope to see you in Peoria.


Sonia Reppe said...

I won't see you at the conference this year as it falls on my daughter's birthday but Leighton will be there, and your programs sound great--I'm going to try to get to more of the ARRT things coming up. You're doing such awesome things! Have a good turnout.--Sonia

Becky said...

Thanks Sonia. I am sure I will see you soon. I'll look for Leighton.