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Friday, March 18, 2016

C2E2 Chicago's Comic Con Starts Today!

Since today is the start of C2E2 here in Chicago, I thought I would use this opportunity to talk about graphic novels and comics a bit.

But it is going to be a short post because the conference also brings into town my friend, Jack Phoenix, librarian, horror author, and comics lover.  And honestly, I want to spend more time with him than writing this post.

But thankfully he has one of my favorite graphic novel based websites.

Called, My Comic Memories, this site is Jack's memoir of his life through his comic books collection.  With each post he takes a single comic book, talks about what happens in it and why it is interesting, but then he shares why he has kept it and what part of his life it corresponds to.

Not only do I love the beautiful writing and real emotion he shares on this blog, but I also appreciate it as an exercise in RA. Jack is illustrating why the reasons we love a specific story, book, comic, etc... sometimes goes far beyond what is between the covers of the volume itself.

Use Jack as an example as you work matching patrons with books. Think outside the literal box. Listen to what they are saying about the feel of the book they are looking for. Ignore the plot. Listen for the adjectives and emotion. Understand WHY they love a story and then find them something else that is similar-- based on the feel NOT the plot.

Don’t forget to use the graphic novels tag to pull up everything I have ever written about graphic novels [70 posts to date].

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