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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dr. Carla Hayden Was Sworn In Today

I don’t want to post anything else on this historical day since it will live in the archives of the blog.  I want to commemorate it.

Not only is Dr. Hayden the first  woman and African American Librarian of Congress, she is the first actual librarian, and she is one who librarians all over the country already knew and respected. Really, a better choice could not have been made.

Last September I had this post when the job came open about why every American library worker needs to care about who the Librarian of Congress is, regardless of what your every day job entails. It is filled with links where you can discover more about what the LOC actually does. I think the media, is underestimating the fact that she is a Librarian. I think in the end, this will be more integral to the future direction of the institution and American libraries in general way more than her sex and race.

Although there is also this which I don’t want to underplay:

With the swearing in of Carla Hayden, the job has never been better positioned to fulfill its true duties. I spent my late morning watching the You Tube live feed to be a part of this historic day. She did not disappoint me at all with her amazing remarks.

If you missed it, you can watch the proceedings here [but fast forward to when it starts at the 1 hour mark.]

You can also view the official live Tweeting by clicking on #librarianofcongress. But most hardcore Library people used #nextloc. [Remember for my readers who let me know that they are not on Twitter, you can click those hashtags and read the archives without logging in. Contact me if you have problems.]

Also Dr. Hayden gave this interview to the USA Today which ran today. I love that this paper which can be read all over the country, made speaking with her a priority. Also here is a great Washington Post article about Dr, Hayden as a “Rock Star Librarian."

Let’s bask in this everyone. We all should feel extra proud of the professional path we have chosen on this special day. Today “America" is showing us the respect we deserve.

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