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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

RA for All Roadshow: Book Club Training for RAILS

This morning I am at the Galena Public Library for the first of 3 regional book discussion training and networking programs over the coming week.  For details on where I will be and when, click here.

Rather than post the slides and handouts 3 times over the next 7 days, I am hosting the documents for all 3 trainings here today.  If you have signed up with RAILS for this program, you will also have received the permalink to this post in your email. However, in order to make it as easy as possible for people to have access to the training materials AND to allow others to see what I have created [my goal is to spread the knowledge as far and wide as I can] I have everything here today for everyone and anyone. If you are one of the RAILS training attendees, use the "Recent Presentations" page or type "Book Club RAILS" into the search bar in the top left and you can always pull up these documents.

As a refresher, here is what we are doing in these 3 identical meetings:
In this workshop, Becky Spratford will offer a shortened version of her "Recharge Your Book Club" training and then Becky will lead a discussion of The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen. Please arrange a copy of the book for your own use. There will also be time to address questions and concerns about your book clubs.
 Here is a list of the resources I have compiled for the meetings:

As a added bonus, once the series of meetings are complete, I will compile my notes from all three discussions, and post them here on the blog. Over the years, I have compiled dozens of book discussion reports, and they are among my most popular all time posts. People are finding old reports as they prepare for their own book discussions, and quite honestly, nothing makes me happier than to see those notes on previous discussions being used to help other groups have a great book club.

So sometime at the end of September, I will update you all on what we discussed, but right now, it is time to finish my drive to Galena and get this weeklong tour of Northern IL started. Thanks to RAILS for organizing this extended roadshow. I think we are going to help many more of our Illinois book clubs be successful by taking the training directly to these more far flung locations than we did by just having 1 meeting at HQ last year. I promise to not only train those of you who are there, but also help you to organize your own local networking, training, and support groups to be used from here on out.

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