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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Little Libraries Shine: Clinton [IL] Library's Awesome Book Discussion Notes Friendly Bookmarks

I know I say it all the time, but one of my favorite things about getting to travel and train library workers is that when I am there teaching you, I get to also learn so much from you.

I especially like when I get to see first hand how a teeny library that the larger community tends to dismiss as not worth paying attention to has great ideas to share with the world. This happens more often than not, but because these libraries are barely able to keep up with their day to day duties, and often, they are not on social media to promote themselves, no one, including themselves, know what great ideas they have to share with the larger library world.

But that is what I am here to do-- showcase what libraries all over the country are doing to help readers.

When I went on my book discussion leadership training tour for RAILS earlier this month, in the final location I met Crystal from Clinton Township Public Library. During the final part of my program, when I was encouraging everyone to share their tips and tricks from their book clubs and/or ask for help, Crystal mentioned that when she hands out each book discussion book, they include a book mark which reminds people of the date and time on the front, and gives them space to take notes on the back.

We all loved this idea, and as soon as the meeting ended I went over to Crystal and asked her if she would be willing to share this easy, but brilliant idea with my readers. Thankfully, she agreed.

So below are some screen shots from the files Crystal sent me.  I think this is a wonderful idea that many libraries, big or small, could easily integrate into their book discussion procedures.

Thanks to Crystal and Clinton Township Public Library for sharing. Feel free to use this idea, but give Clinton Township credit. And remember, many little libraries are doing great things without much fanfare.  Don't count them out!

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