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Thursday, October 6, 2016

NoveList's Genreland Free Newsletter looks at Cyberpunk vs Cyber-Thriller

Genreland is a free Newsletter from NoveList that is put out by the Book Squad. [Click here for more information and a video presentation by members of the Book Squad themselves.]

The most recent issue is about the micro-genres of cyberpunk and the cyber-thriller as popularized in the TV show Mr. Robot.

These mini-genres pop up out of nowhere all of the time. The Book Squad tries to stay up on them whether or not you are a NoveList subscriber. I know many of you simply work at a library and cannot influence the purchasing decisions of the administration, so you have no say in which databases you get access too.

But, you are invested in helping patrons, so let's begin there.

Start being better at your job-- helping your patrons find their next good read-- and sign-up for these free newsletters. Each one comes with useful information about currently hot areas of media. They are on top of the biggest trends for you, and provide targeted lists and explanations as to the major appeal factors involved in helping patrons with newly popular areas.

You do not have to work to catch up. They will do it for you. And it is free! Please use this valuable service.

After you have signed up, click on through to read this specific article on cyberpunk and the cyber-thriller which includes a link to a free Mr. Robot readalike poster! In less than 30 minutes you can print it, hang it up, and cluster a few books around it for immediate check out!

And, maybe after The Book Squad has made you and your library look hip and helpful, you can show your boss this link to demo NoveList.

I know I am under contract to write content for NoveList, but honestly, I use it more than I contribute to it. I could not be the RA expert I am without it.

Now go out there and help someone find their next good read.

Click here for the entire newsletter with links to a free readalike poster

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